THE HAY PAPA arrived on Thursday  and we hooked it right up with no trouble.  We love it!  We are glad to do business with a fellow Believer in Jesus Christ. Thank you for using your gifts for His glory.

Scott and Suzy  (South Carolina)

It’s going great.  He used it to feed for the first time tonight.  He said he was done in 25 minutes what usually takes over an hour.  He wanted me to send you a picture.

R.C. (Tennessee)

We transport approx. 350 bales per year.  The efficiency of your machine has been excellent.

R.A.  (Canada)

We love our Hay Papa.  It moves large round bales and large square bales 3x3x8′

Jeremy and Michelle H.  (Colorado)

The Hay Papa works great.  Using a quick release pin helps with hook-up and dehitching.

O.F. (Missouri)

The Hay Baby is a fast and very easy piece of equipment to use.  It’s a timesaver.  We love it!  Works very good.  We are very pleased.

L.G. (West Virginia)

I am extremely pleased with the way The Hay Baby is helping me move hay.  My husband passed away in 2011 leaving me to care for the ranch.  A neighbor helped me put out the hay the first winter.  I didn’t want to be dependent on them for the long run.  I found The Hay Baby on the internet and decided to give it a try.  It was a lot cheaper than a tractor.  I have been using it all winter and am very pleased with it’s performance.  If an old woman can run it, anyone can.

Anne K (Texas)

Thanks for the perfect way to move round hay bales. Your Hay Baby has made my life so much easier. I have moved round bales every way possible. I even had a special pole made to roll them with my ATV. Now with the Hay Baby I move my bales from field to storage and from storage to feeders faster and easier than ever. Thank you! I will never move hay bales any other way.

Terry J. Woodside Sr. (Fairmont, WV)

The Hay Papa has exceeded my expectations. I can move my round bales from the field to my house just as well as my farm tractor at a fraction of the cost!

Tom (Mannington, WV)

I had to depend on my neighbor to move my round hay bales. The weight of the bales would raise the tires of my compact tractor off of the ground when I tried to lift them. The Hay Baby was the solution to my problem!

John (Clebume, TX)

I was searching for a piece of equipment to move round bales that wasn’t as expensive as buying and maintaining as a tractor. When I found the Hay Baby I thought, “What a terrific idea!” I bought the Hay Papa to suit my needs. It is convenient and easy to use. I have not had any problems with it. FHMI is accommodating to their customers’ needs and they stand by their products.

Linda (Stillwater, OK)

I have been 100% satisfied with my Hay Baby! It does an excellent job moving my round bales. The Hay Baby is faster than a tractor, doesn’t tear up the ground, and is easier to maneuver in tight spots.

Alvin (Dillwyn, VA)

This was an answer to prayer! We were a small farm with no means of moving round hay bales until we purchased a Hay Baby. It works wonderfully! The craftsmanship is first rate.

Bobby (Newcastle, VA)

I think it is a GREAT product!

S.L (West Virginia)

I bought the large version, The Hay Papa, and it works great, is convenient, and easy to use. I have not had any problems.

L.C (Oklahoma)

Works as advertized. No problems.

R.M (Ohio)

We have a Hay Papa approximate weight of bales 1,800 LBS. Efficiency of your machine has been excellent!

R.N (Texas)

450 Bales Per Year. Efficient and excellent! Pleased with purchase? YES!

R.S (West Virginia)